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The modern gentleman does not live life in the slow lane, and neither do our orders. You can expect expedited processing from the moment you place your order. For our UK-based customers, please allow two days, whereas our European customers can expect delivery to take one week, and our international customers can expect orders within two weeks of ordering.

Our team is available at all times to help you with your order. Our goal is to offer a seamless experience and to deliver on our promise of quality. If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with our team by contacting with your order number in the subject line.

If you have incorrectly entered information during your order, or you have used an outdated address line, then we can help rectify the situation. Simply get in touch with our team by emailing Place your order number into the subject line, and inform our team of the address or other information you need to be rectified on your order. This can include subject lines like your address to your phone number.

A member of our team will quickly process this update for you and be sure to get your order sent to you. When finished, we will send you a confirmation of your order update.

Every modern gentleman deserves to invigorate their senses and rejuvenate their grooming regimen with high-quality products. From the luxurious scents of Oud Wood to the incomparable quality of our ingredients, our product line stands apart from the rest.

We are happy to ship internationally to every gentleman around the world who wishes to improve their grooming regimen with The London Grooming Company. We will work fast to process and ship out your order, though for customers outside of the United Kingdom and Europe, please do note there will be longer delivery times. International orders typically take two weeks to arrive.

Our products were crafted by the UK’s most talented barbers and are used throughout the country in some of the nation’s finest shops. To book an appointment at one of our shops, use our online resource. You can find the full list of shops that offer and use The London Grooming Company product range, as well as how you can book, by visiting this page.

We do not test and have never tested our products on animals. The process of animal testing goes against our philosophy of quality craftsmanship and modern innovation. It is both inefficient and against our guiding principles. All of our testing adheres to strict guidelines that ensure the highest quality of products, but it is not done at the expense of animals. You will receive products that are safe on the skin and provide a host of luxurious benefits.

Our products do not contain sulphates and never will. All of our products have been specifically designed to leverage the power and potential of nature without the use of man-made additives like sulphates.

Sulphates commonly strip the hair and body of natural and essential oils. Sulphates are also an irritant, and common side effects include discomfort to the eyes, skin, and scalp. Our products do not contain sulphates for these two reasons.

Instead, our products rely on ancient and powerful ingredients to improve the look, feel, and touch of your hair, skin, and beard. The products we use have been specifically chosen for their natural benefits that work with your body to provide the most luxurious experience at home.

We do not use parabens in any of our products. Typically parabens are used as a preservative in cosmetics and work to stop harmful bacteria growth, but our products rely on natural preservatives. Parabens can easily be absorbed into the skin and have been linked to various health concerns. In hair products, parabens could cause scalp irritation and hair loss, and in skin products, parabens have been known to elevate cellular damage caused by UV exposure.

Our products do not use parabens as preservatives and instead rely on natural and safer alternatives to provide you with a luxury experience.

All of our products have been designed, crafted, and manufactured in the UK. This is how we can ensure the highest product quality and consistency across our range. Every ingredient is checked for quality, and our products themselves are crafted with the utmost care from the UK’s most talented barbers. The result is a truly luxurious and impressive product range that nourishes and rejuvenates, perfect for the modern gentleman.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to our flagship London Grooming barbershop and store, located directly in the heart of London. Here you can shop our exquisite range of luxury products, or book for a lavish grooming experience unlike any other.


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