Look Book: Point of Origin

In late 2021, The London Grooming Company, along with its partners at Cosly, entered the emerging Polish male grooming market with one goal: to educate and enhance the male grooming scene and to collaborate in highlighting the numerous talented barbers in Poland. Through our partnership with Cosly and by working in conjunction with Kasta Barbershop and Aleksandr Parfeniuk, we would like to showcase some scenes from their project POINT OF ORIGIN, which combines a passion for quality products with boundless creativity.


POINT OF ORIGIN was a project by Aleksandr Parfeniuk, a virtuoso of haircuts and styling, owner of the Kasta Barbershop in Warsaw, and a leading barber at the forefront of the Polish male grooming industry who is always seeking to innovate and evolve his style. Equipped with The London Grooming Company's luxury products, these were some of the styles that Alex was able to create.


Products Used: Creme


Products Used: Sea Salt Spray + Define


Products Used: Clay


1. Can you name a couple of London Grooming Company products that you like to work with and tell us a little about what you like about these products?


“When we talk about London Grooming, it's hard to narrow it down to just a couple of favourites as I use almost their entire product line. However, there are a few that stand out. Among them, I would like to mention the London Grooming Sea Salt Spray. It has an amazing aroma, offers medium hold, and has a fantastic consistency that customers love.

Next is the London Grooming Powder, which I can't imagine working without. It provides ideal root zone fixation and maintains styling flexibility throughout the day.

The London Grooming Clay emphasises hair texture, defines the direction of the hair, and holds the style perfectly.

And of course, the London Grooming Crème is great for everyday work with clients, as well as for filming and performances. It's an excellent alternative to powder, providing texture without leaving any visible residue on the hair. Clients appreciate how stylish and high-end London Grooming products look on our salon shelves.”


2. What are your favourite product and hairstyle combinations?


“I particularly enjoy working with short and medium-length hair. I take great pleasure in achieving smooth transitions, creating the right haircut shape, and ensuring a seamless distribution of colour.

Some of my favourite hairstyle designs include the Crop, Pompadour, and Mullet.”


3. What are your favourite product combinations?


“One of my preferred product combinations is the Sea Salt Spray from London Grooming paired with either the cream or powder. The Sea Salt Spray adds volume at the roots and helps create the desired shape, while the cream, with its medium hold, provides maximum control over the roots without disrupting the volume. This combination adds a natural shine and enhances texture. It's suitable for short and medium-length hairstyles.”


4. Style trends in Poland and what should people be looking for?


“Every year, Poland highlights a "word of the year," and this year, among others, it's "Baza." This word has dual meanings: it refers to a place and also signifies a basic lifestyle, including classic haircuts. Regardless of the era, classic styles will always be in demand. This holds true for hairstyles that have stood the test of time, maintaining their relevance for decades. Retro hairstyles for men, characterised by distinctive styling, original volume, and interesting bangs, offer versatility and can complement any image while emphasising facial features. Despite new trends and innovative stylistic ideas, men's hairstyles from the past remain relevant today.”


5. What is your opinion on the evolution of the men's grooming/fashion industry in Poland right now?


“Currently, the most relevant trends in Poland include various forms of Mullet, pronounced bangs, natural curls, and extensions. Short hairstyles are becoming less common, with longer hair gaining popularity. This includes beautiful, long, curly hair, sometimes styled with a "wet" effect or smooth waves. These longer styles are embraced not only by fashion designers and models but also by our clients.”


6. What inspires you to focus on educational content, and what do you like about it?


“Our primary inspiration comes from our fellow competitors in the market who regard us as opinion leaders. They send us their work for evaluation, seek knowledge from us, or simply want to connect with us, which is truly invaluable. This continuous exchange of knowledge motivates our stylists to stay updated and share their experiences through the KASTA academy.

Years of working with clients have allowed us to streamline our techniques, developing a unique approach that emphasises only the essential steps to achieve the desired results. Our results not only attract customers but also draw professional competitors who seek inspiration from us, creating a rewarding cycle. 

I'd like to mention our collaboration with COSLY, which resulted in the "POINT OF ORIGIN" project. Together, we've achieved remarkable outcomes.`


Poland is currently experiencing significant shifts in its market landscape, reaching the peak of its development. Many practices that have been well-established in the markets of England or Russia are only now beginning to take hold in Poland. This presents an exciting opportunity for the growth of both barbers and companies. The collaboration between cosmetics companies and barbers, marked by ambassadorial and active support, is an emerging alliance that holds the potential to significantly strengthen both parties. London Grooming is committed to fostering this trend by partnering with talented and promising barbers like Aleksandr, further propelling the male grooming industry in Poland.


The Polish market is undergoing a gradual shift away from traditional, basic hairdressing salons towards premium establishments that prioritise aesthetics and service quality. It's a niche that London Grooming is well-suited to occupy. In this evolving landscape, cosmetics are transitioning from mass-produced to exclusive offerings, demanding specialised approaches and training to extract maximum benefits from their use. London Grooming and Aleksandr are not only inspired by this trend but also fully prepared to support it. They aim to achieve this by leveraging high-quality cosmetics, providing professional training, and contributing to the development of the Polish market in this exciting direction.

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